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Our Scandinavian inspired Teardrop Board is our #1 seller.

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Custom board photo from happy customer

Clients photo of Harper Collection Chickadee Board as a S'mores Board

Happy customer pictures

Custom UC Cotton Bowl 2021 Order

A viking hoard made from teak and walnut

Norsemen standing guard

Norsemen Collection

Maple Norsemen

Norsemen Bottle Stoppers

Norsemen bottle openers

Personalized End Grain Cutting Board

Address Signage made from Cedar

Custom Farm Signage

Our Scandinavian Inspired Teardrop Board is our #1 Seller

Custom Round Board in Hickory with walnut inlay

Personalized round board in walnut with maple inlay

Personalized gifts

Personalized board in cherry and purpleheart

Personalized hickory board with logo in walnut for our friends and partners at Urban Stead Cheese Co.

Personalized Hickory board with walnut inlay

Our Paddle Board in Walnut with Tile Inlay

Custom Scandinavian inspired coat rack

Maple Square board with Tile Inlay

Personalized Board in Walnut with Maple Inlay for a wedding gift

Custom 2' x 4' Walnut Board with personalized epoxy inlay for a clients kitchen island

Once the hardwoods are chosen and size is determined blanks are glued up

Northern Ohio Winery Order for Custom Cheese Boards

Custom Bourbon Flight boards from whiskey barrel staves

Custom order for engraved box made from basketball court of the University of Cincinnati

Holiday gifts for a local company in walnut and maple with dip cup

Collaboration with Urban Stead Cheese Co for holiday charcuterie boards from a local company

During production we brand our boards with the NM logo

Happy customer review!

Danish Heart wooden inlay process

Learning the laser engraver for possible future endeavors.

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